Standard Range

CABLE CAGE SYSTEMS trays are manufactured in Australia from high quality grade steel. Their characteristics have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements for electrical and communication installations. Also rated environmentally firiendly since it is 100% recyclable.

  • Fast and simple on site assembly
  • Light weight yet strong
  • Can be handled by one person
  • Supports can be spaced up to 2.5m apart
  • Easy-lock fitting without bolts
  • Easy to upgrade or re-configure
  • Simple fixing systems
  • Fast coupling via the unique patented 'Unifil' clips and fishplates
  • Cable safe - flush smooth surfaces and edges
  • Adaptable - Cables can exit tray at any point
  • Easy on-site tees, crosses, reduces, rises and bends
  • Strong with high load bearing performance
  • A wide range of fixing accessories
  • Will not break even if overloaded
  • A wide range of fixing accessories
  • Fire resistant
  • Open design allows circulation around wires for cooling
Length 3000mm x Height 54mm, Longitudinal Wire
Spacing 50mm, Cross Wire Spacing 100m